Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East


 The Islamic Republic of Iran became a member of the SESAME project back in 2007. SESAME is a joint research project between Iran and other regional countries, based in Jordan, towards building a synchrotron machine (giant machine for generation of X-rays with adjustable frequency) for use in scientific applications.

 The project is considered to be a part of advanced engineering sciences for particle physics, with huge opportunities in medicine, environment, agriculture, etc.

Permanent members of SESAME include the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, and Egypt.


CISSC Activities in SESAME

  • Participation in compilation of agenda and appraisal of annual budget for SESAME committee
  • Organization of periodic meetings for Iran’s SESAME committee members
  • Establishment of secretariat, executive office, and technical office for SESAME committee.
  • Participation of Iranian representatives and counselors in the SESAME supreme council
  • Engagement of Iranian researchers in annual conferences
  • Organization of relevant conferences relating to applications of synchrotron radiation
  • Collaboration with Iran’s light source project (national accelerator)