The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)


TWAS was founded in 1983 by a distinguished group of scientists from the developing world, under the leadership of Abdus Salam, the Pakistani physicist and Nobel laureate.

 This independent international organization started back in 1983 in Trieste, Italy, under the name of “Third World Academy of Sciences”. Members of this academy, who are currently more than 900, are selected from top world scientists and represent 70 countries. TWAS secretariat is located in the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy; and a council – elected every three years by members – are responsible for overseeing its programs and activities.


TWAS in Iran

Through increased membership of Iranian excellent researchers in the TWAS, the Iranian branch of this academy (called TWASIC) was formed by 11 Iranian scholars at the CISSC back in 2003. Iran’s TWAS members meet often to assess the suitability of candidates for receiving the TWAS award, and introducing Iranian researchers eligible for membership of the international TWAS.

The output of the research carried out by Iran TWAS members with the financial support of the CISSC has been an excess of 100 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals.


Iran’s Current TWAS members


Name Experties Membership Year
Farokh Saeedi Medical Sciences and Hygiene 1987
 Yousof Sabooti  Physics  1987
 Hosein Mirshamsi  Medical Sciences and Hygeine  1992 - 2008
 Dariush Farhood  Medical Sciences and Hygeine  1995
 Abbas Shafeie  Chemistry  1995
 Mahdi Balali Mod  Medical Sciences and Hygeine  1997
 Habib Firooz Abadi  Chemistry  2000
 Farhad Ardalan  Physics  2000
 Reza Mansouri  Physics  2000
 Ali Kaveh  Engineering Sciences  2003
 Hesam-aldin Arfaei  Physics  2003
 Keramat-Allah Izad Panah Jahromi  Agricultural Sciences  2004
 Reza Malek Zadeh  Medical Sciences and Hygeine  2004
 Afsaneh Safavi  Chemistry 2005
 Mojtaba Shamsi Pour  Chemistry 2007