Welcome to RINTDS


        The Research Institute for New Technology Development Studies (RINTDS) was established at IROST (Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology) in 1992 for research on various areas of technology management.The main activity of the institute is to conduct research projects on S&T policies with programs leading to promotion of technological capabilities and S&T development related to economic progress and social development of the country for sustainable development.

         The institute strategy and long term planning is to support the country goal to make a sound transition from oil-driven economy to a knowledge-based economy. Further the activities of the institute would be formulated in such a way that the RINTDS programs focus to support the major program of technology development on management of the MSRT at large.

Some of the main objectives of RINTDS are the following:

    The comparative study of science and technology policies in different countries in order to obtain the common characteristics as well as differences to determine the best practice to improve technology policy in the country;

    The study of the main obstacles, success and failure factors in development of technology in the country;

    The comparative study of technological needs, local technological capabilities and the capacity of technology transfer at the national level;
    The comparative study of science and technology institutes in different countries and their role in forming development of technology, the procedure of technology policy making, and planning and managing of science and technology;
    The assessment of R&D activities and technological innovations at the national level and
    The study of entrepreneurship development, activities and evaluation of their capacity and providing training to them.