Research Groups:

1- Strategies and Policies of Technology Development

Area of activities

  - Conduct research on Science and Technology policy
  - Research on technology and socio-economic development
  - Study on technological capabilities
  - Research on technology transfer and foreign investment
  - Holding seminars and workshops on S&T policies and technology development in the country
  - Offering tailor-made reports according to the specific needs on request.
  - Enveloping various aspects on current technological issues in Iran or IROST

2- Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Area of activities

    - Study and research on innovation and entrepreneurship
    - Play the central role in diffusion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge within     the society
    - Collaborate research outputs related to innovation and entrepreneurship.
    - Implementation of research projects related to innovation and      entrepreneurship
    - To present specialized consultants in helping decision making for creating innovation and    entrepreneurship activities
    - To prepare expert reports regarding innovation and entrepreneurship
    - Scientific supervision on research projects
3- Culture and Technology 

    Area of activities

   - Study on indigenizing  new technological innovation through  applying local culture effectively
   - Conduct research on the linkages among culture values, innovations and new     technologies
   - Social and cultural study for technology development
   - Holding workshops and seminars on related issues
   - Publicizing and disseminating of articles, books and analytical reports on related issues